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The Family Lifestyle Concierge Service that makes it easier for you to make memories with the ones you love. 

We believe in the moment.

The moment when you’ve broken away from the monotony to make time to be together.  To be somewhere. To experience something.

It's these moments that rejuvenate the soul, restore relationships and it's where meaningful memories are made.

Life is too short. We work too hard. Childhoods are too precious to waste.  

Make the most of your time together. 

Go on. Skidadel!

Our Family Lifestyle Concierge Services

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Seeking Adventure?

You don't have to stop travelling or ticking off your bucket list because you've had kids. In fact children are natural explorers. All you have to do is lean in!

Just imagine someone could design the perfect family adventure holiday and drop it neatly into your lap... well your inbox!


Need a place to vacay?

Don't waste hours and hours trawling Airbnb, reading countless reviews on Tripadvisor and waiting patiently for replies from villa owners that simply don't arrive. 

Let our Accommodation Scouts hunt down the perfect home from home for you and yours. 


Authentic day out?

We believe kids should be getting dirty, climbing trees and picking blackberries in the summer sun.

So dust off your explorer's cap and set off on your family's next adventure. 


Just because...

Heartfelt Surprises are our thing!  From arranging little one's birthday cake to a romantic dinner for two on the beach. Nothing is too much trouble. 

Just let us know who you want to treat and we can help create the perfect moment at home or away. 

I want to spend all of my spare time with my family. I don’t want all the faff of thinking about where we are going to go and how we are gonna get there. Skidadel just puts us on a plane and we are off with not a care in the world!
— Terry McGovern

Now its time for Show & Tell.

We've pulled together a collection of things that are important to us: Our work, our thoughts and the latest news from the Skidadel office. Feel free to take a look around.

A bit about us...


We are travel Geeks, Adventure seekers & Memory Makers.

We are driven by sharing the world with our families and making memories that last a lifetime. 

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In the words of Montell Jordan... This is how we do it. 

Realizing your family's dream is everything to us. That is why we like to spend time getting to know you first.

Once we have been tickled by your family's enthusiasm, We while away the hours crafting the perfect moment for you to be together.

More meaningful moments at home with The Seasonal Parent. 

Spending just 15 minutes a day, or even a week, completely living in the moment with your family just soothes the soul. Find out how you can take a mini break away from the grindstone...