It all started with a Mojito and a bowl of nuts!

My friends have always joked that I’m fueled by Resfeber (the restless race of a traveller's heartbeat before the journey begins) and they are right.

It's what I live for.

I love nothing more than pawing over maps and trawling through the internet uncovering amazing things to do in the most normal of places.

Sharing these adventures with my two bundles of joy is just everything to me. I guess that's why my nickname is Judith Chalmers!  

Yet, for some, planning this special time together can undoubtedly be stressful. The pressure to "get it just right" ends up killing the excitement. The anticipation. The Resfeber.

Well this got me to thinking... 

What if I could alleviate this pressure by finding the right place at the right time for the right budget. Wouldn't this save a huge amount of time and energy?

Then what if I were to pump up the adventure volume by crafting a tailor-made, age appropriate,  itinerary that embraces the best of the local culture. Just because we have families shouldn't mean that we have to stop ticking off our own bucket lists. Right?

In the end all they would need to do is relax and let the excitement build as they anticipate embarking on their next family adventure. 

Sound good?

Well. Go on. Skidadel! 

jodie hall

founder and owner