Seal Spotting in North Norfolk

The Hodgson Family Dream 

Being outdoorsy types, the Hodgsons can always be found den building and bug hunting in the woods at the weekend. They approached Skidadel with the desire to find a day out that was equally as rural, not too far from their home, and that would also suit their two energetic boys.  

An Authentic Day Out. 

North Norfolk is a nature lover's paradise offering a plethora of different scapes to explore. We created an itinerary for the Hodgson family that included building sandcastles on the sandy beach, Crabbing, Fish 'n' Chips and the icing on the cake - a 1.5 hour boat trip off Blakeney Point. 

As the waves lapped at the boat and with their boys nestled in their laps, the Hodgsons motored in a flotilla of little crafts through the breathtaking estuary, out of the harbour, past lifeboat houses and into the open sea.

The afternoon sun glistened on the water as they arrived at Seal Island where you can spot hundreds of common and grey seals.

"Being able to see Seals in their natural environment in the UK is something I don't think that we will ever forget. My boys have never sat still for so long. It was truly fab!"

Louise Hodgson