Amsterdam Adventure : Kids, Culture & Cycling

The Haslam Family Dream. 

A couple of fortuitous Inset Days meant that the Haslam Family could slip away for a long weekend during normal term time. But where would they end up?

By spending time with the family we knew that Dad's passion was cycling and Mum simply adored the arts. Yet with two beautiful daughters in tow, the challenge to us was create a child friendly adventure that suited them all. 

The Adventure. 

Voted a top city break by The Guardian in 2017, Amsterdam has the perfect blend of cycling, culture and child friendly activities for our family.  

Understanding the practicalities of family life, we hunted down three accommodation options from Airbnb and local hotels; homes from home that gave the family self catering facilities plus a private adult space for the evening. 

Flights were perfectly chosen to maximize the time within the city and reduce the chance of a meltdown from a tired little one whilst an accompanying itinerary gave each member of the family a little slice of what they'd craved.

From a child-centric canal trip down the River Dam to a windmill bike ride in rural Amsterdam, the activities were perfectly balanced for both kids and parents. Mum also got her taste of culture with a visit to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank's house but this was coupled with a burn out in the local park and the Science Museum so the kids could go wild too. A family dinner in a carousel plus a cooking cafe meant that meal times were also an experience!

Take a peek at their Adventure Compendium.

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"We would have never thought to take our young children on a city break. Let alone to Amsterdam but Skidadel opened our eyes.

From start to finish they thought about every little detail.. I barely lifted a finger. Having all this information to hand took all the stress away from the trip so we just simply enjoyed ourselves as a family. That's so important when you work full time.  Amazing! "

Elaine Haslam.