Dreaming of Devon.

The Hall, Thompson & Smith Family Dream.

Where do you find the ideal accommodation for a family of 10 wanting a stay-cay in the school summer holidays within a moderate budget? 

That's two grandparents, four adults, two wi-fi needing teenagers, two early rising, lively boys under 8 and two rather large dogs. All wanting an adventure near a surfing beach, within four hours drive from the Home Counties and Bristol, accommodation with five bedrooms and at least three bathrooms, with outside space that's easily accessed by boys and dogs plus they could only go during the second week in August.

Well, we found our big girl panties and discovered something rather spectacular in Devon. 

The Accommodation Scout.

We think the accommodation speaks for itself. Don't you?

Credit: Beach End, Dittisham. www.coolstays.com www.house-parties.com