Speedboats, Sea caves and an ATV safari in Croatia.

The Parker/Madden Family Dream.

"We'd love to spend 10 days together during the school summer holidays, somewhere hot and within 4 hours flight from a London Airport.

We'd like to spend less per person than the national average (£1284.54 per person. Source Travelmode) and are bored with the all inclusive scene.

The accommodation must be near the beach or by a pool, have space for the adults to reconnect when the kids go down and also some daytime family fun too. 

Oh... and my daughter absolutely loves horse riding!" 

Sound familiar? Well maybe not the horse riding bit. 

Their Adventure.

Any trip that starts with a private speedboat transfer to a beautiful island has got to be a winner. Right?

Well... what if we then added crystal blue seas, dolphins, an ATV Safari, climbing the castle walls of Kings Landing (for all you Game of Throne fans), a cable car ride, a sea cave trip and an epic hack into the beautiful Croatian countryside? 

Let's not forget the simply stunning restaurants overlooking the sea, accommodation literally on the beach and all this for 34% less that the average family holiday budget!

So why not take a peek at their Adventure Compendium to find out more. 

Simply click the arrows on the link below. 

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