FAQs & Small Print. Just so we all know where we stand.

What is Skidadel?

Skidadel is a concierge company which not only researches travel (all forms), accommodation and excursion arrangements on behalf of customers in return for a finder's fee but also plans and organizes bespoke events for an hourly rate. 

In addition Skidadel offers a booking service using customer's own credit/debit card details. 

Please note we are not a Travel Agent, Travel Consultant, Travel Counselor or Tour Operator. We work  as a conduit between the customer and third party suppliers/providers to create tailormade adventures for our customers. 

what will i receive if i buy into a service?

Authentic days out: Fully researched and created itinerary with all bookings made for activities. 

Accommodation scout: Three fully researched accommodation options within budget. 

Adventure Architect: A 30+ page compendium that includes everything you need including three accommodation choices and recommendation on travel arrangements.

Mindful moments: Completely bespoke service. 

When do I pay for the service?

Finder fees for Authentic days out, Accommodation Scout & Adventure Architect is payable immediately upon appointment of Skidadel by the customer.

Concierge services, charged at £25 per hour, may require a deposit with the remaining balance being payable once the arrangements have been finalized but prior to the participant taking part. Any additional costs associated with the mindful moment, event, product or services are also payable by the customer prior to the participant taking part.  

How are Mindful moments priced?

An initial brief will be taken direct from the customer and then an estimate of time needed to make arrangements will be provided. A deposit may be required to secure the service. 

What if I don’t like the recommendations provided in both the ACCOMMODATION scout & adventure architect?

As much as we try to hit the nail on the head first time around, we understand that sometimes you may want an alternative option. Therefore we will scout up to nine accommodation locations in total (including 3 from the initial output) and will produce one further Adventure Compendium, if you were not fully satisfied.  

Am I at liberty to book all recommendations through Skidadel?

No. However we pride ourselves in the relationships we have created with our suppliers and believe we can offer you the best experience. 

Do you price match?

We endeavour to offer you the best price at time of writing to you. However the market is incredibly aggressive and dynamic so there may be situations which arise that mean we are unable to price match. 

Please note that we do not price match once a service / product has been booked. 

How long does the service take?

We endeavour to provide you with a fully researched response within a week. We will of course outline the  precise timeline in our initial discussions.


Skidadel will supervise all bookings and provide a booking confirmation document outlining all financial information and arrangements made.

Flights: We encourage clients to book these directly with the airline to gain maximum protection

Transfers: Will be made by Skidadel on behalf of the client.

Accommomdation: Bookings through Airbnb will be coordinated by recommending a friend scheme. Bookings for hotels and other forms of accommodation will be made by Skidadel on behalf of the client.

Excursions and trips: Will be made by Skidadel on behalf of the client.

Are you ATOL or ABTA protected?

No. We strongly recommend that you take our your own personal insurances to cover yourself. We also recommend that bookings are made via a credit card to add further cover. 

what if I want to cancel or postpone a holiday or day out?

You can cancel or postpone a holiday or day out at any time. As Skidadel is acting as a conduit between third parties, we will not be directly responsible for any loss or costs incurred. The terms of postponement/cancellation will be set out by the individual suppliers/providers who sell the original product/service. As all bookings will be made via your own debit/credit card, you will be liable for all costs incurred in a cancellation etc. We will advise that you speak directly to the suppliers but will of course try to help you avoid incurring these costs where our business allows. 

what happens if a supplier/provider cancels/changes the booking or ceases trading?

As above, Skidadel is acting as a conduit between third parties so we will not be directly responsible for the booking or any loss/costs incurred. We will endeavour to do all that we can within the business to help the situation but urge you to please speak directly to the supplier/provider.

what if i experience a problem whilst I am away?

If the situation cannot be resolved directly with the supplier/provider then please call us directly on 07900 917814.  We will be happy to help. 

Small print.

All information and prices have been gathered from third party suppliers and is correct at time of writing. However the information and pricing may change and is susceptible to market conditions, fluctuations in currency rates and market availability.

Skidadel is reliant on third party information so reserves the right to alter any information/pricing/itineraries at any time. 

Finally we sincerely hope you love your time away but we cannot your guarantee enjoyment.