Bird & Q, Butchers and Balloon Rockets: March Madness.

Hey there! 

With World Book Day taking over all our lives we, at the Skidadel office, are seeking inspiration for quick and simply things to do with The Fam this month.

We've picked a few random dates that we want to mark and have cooked up some ideas that help us create mindful moments at home: Growing, Cooking and Playing together.  

As always our ideas don't cost the earth, embrace the seasons and can be bashed out in 15 minutes if need-be. Now move over Joe Wicks, this is the Family HITT! 

Great Dates. 

  • 1st March - St.David's Day and, of course, World Book day! 
  • 2nd March - Holi.
  • 7th March - Plant Power day. 
  • 8th March - Crufts begins.
  • 9th March - British Science week and Programming for Primary day.
  • 11th March - Mothers Day (Forget at your peril!) 
  • 12th March - National Butchers week. 
  • 17th March - St Patrick's Day and Sports relief. 
  • 18th March - First space walk.
  • 20th March - First Day of spring and International day of Happiness.
  • 21st March - Children's Poetry day.
  • 22nd March - World Water day. 
  • 23rd March - World Meterological day. 
  • 25th March - Palm Sunday and the clocks go back. 
  • 29th March - World Hat day. 
  • 30th March - Good Friday (Bank Holiday)
  • 31st March - First Day of Passover and NSPCC big board game day. 


Roll on the first day of Spring!

Grab a little space in your home or garden and designate it as your “Families Little growing place” for 2018. Promise to feed it with love and smother it with fun. 

  • You'll start to see Robins, Blackbirds and other small birds foraging in your garden for bits and bobs that can help them make their nests. So why not give them a helping hand? Get your little ones to gather twigs and moss then place into small piles around the garden. Maybe tie the twigs in a bundle with twine and hang from a bush or tree and watch the Robins visit your own version of Bird & Q!
  • Hedgehog and frogs are also starting to come out of hibernation and would be grateful for somewhere to take a drink and make their home. An old bucket, Frisbee or even a washing up bowl, sunken into the ground in a shaded spot then filled with water and stones, would make a lovely retreat for our croaking friends. We love the RSPB's toad abode.
  • Its not to late to gather those seeds from the kitchen or grow plug plants inside. However now is the time to plant bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs! Obviously its freezing outside but, when the weather warms up, grab the little trowels and your imperfectly painted pots from Feb's edition and plant any bulb you like!


We love March. It gives us so many opportunties for our kids to gain a better understanding of where food comes from and to have a go at tasting it too.  

Let them butter the bread, rip up the ham, grate the cheese, press the buttons on your food processor, pick herb leaves, crush garlic, peal veg, smell, touch, taste, whisk, sprinkle, kneed, shake, rattle and roll… and anything else that is safe! 

  • Plant Power day challenges us to spend a moment eating a plant based diet. Being inspired to put plant based foods first, is not only good for our little ones bellies but also the future of their planet too. We totally support their efforts and have dived into the internet for some inspiration. We love these lip smacking, kid friendly. recipes from Healthy Grocery Girl . Trust us, its easier than you think!  
  • During week commencing 12th March, take your little ones to your local butchers. Its a fantastic learning experience and, if you ask kindly, they may even let you have a sneek peak behind the scenes.  
  • Kids love the responsibility of planning a meal for the family so, whilst you are in the butchers, get your team to select a cut of meat for tea. They will puff up their little chests with pride when they present their creations that night. A classic meatballs recipe is always a crowd pleaser and marvelous for little hands to get stuck in! 
  • Even those of you with the healthiest of diets may want a little treat from time to time and we love these shamrock biscuits. Gather everyone around to decorate your own by piping green butter icing onto these lovely simple biscuits.  Sláinte


Kids should be kids and so should adults!

Let's get our play-on!

  • The Irish have got family life down to a 'T' as The Woman of the House if better known as Bean an tí (BAN-a-TEE) which literally translates as 'She who cares for everything'. Whilst 'The Man of the House 'is Fear an tí (FAR-a-TEE)! Hmmmmm... sound familiar?

  • There is so much you can do with a pop of colour for Holi: Decorate a T shirt with splatters of colour, Grab a straw and blow paint over a simple piece of paper or mix and match the colours of your clothing for the day. We are embracing the clashy-clashy look!
  • When our over-zealous Founder, Jodie, was a little girl she dreamed of going into space so wrote to NASA to find out how to become an Astronaut. A month later, the Postman knocked on her door and there was a large envelope marked for her attention; NASA had replied and sent her loads of goodies! Why not let your budding Astronauts write to the most influential space agency in the world and find out more about the first ever space walk. contact details here. 
  • If letter writing is not your thing then grab an old cardboard box, wrap in tin foil and turn it into an astronaut helmet. Throw cushions and blankets on the floor to replicate the surface off the moon and then bob around in slow motion. Its one small step for little Charlie and one giant leap for Mum! 
  • Now its time to get cosy and snuggle into David Walliam The First hippo to the moon. 
  • We love Science Bob and all of his antics so can't wait for Science week! We will be making our own rock candy  (any excuse for something sweet!) and can't wait to shoot a balloon rocket across the Skidadel office (It's not all work, work, work, you know!)
  • Whilst this blog is all about spending time at home, we just had to shout out to Professor Nitrate at The Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey. Truly the best science show we have ever seen. 
  • Lastly if you do only one thing with your family this month, commit to making yours smile in whatever way you can on World Happiness Day. We find a tickling session does the trick!