Mardi Gras, Kindness and Pancakes. We're Loving Feb!

Hey there! 

It's freezing outside so we, at the Skidadel office, are seeking inspiration for fun things to do inside this month. We've picked a few dates that we want to mark with our Families during half term and have whisked up some ideas that may help us all create mindful moments at home: Growing, Cooking and Playing together.  

As always our ideas don't cost the earth, embrace the seasons and can be bashed out in 15 minutes if need-be. Now move over Joe Wicks, this is the Family HITT! 

Great Dates. 

  • Friday 9th to Sunday 25th: Its the Winter Olympics. Go Team GB!
  • Tuesday 13th:  Its Shrove Tuesday so toss some pancakes or ramp things up a little and party at Mardi Gras or even spend a moment in mindful meditation on Maha Shivaratri (The Great night of Shiva).
  • Wednesday 14th: Valentines Day. Roses are red, violets are blue, forget mum's choccies, There's no dinner for you!
  • Friday 16th: It's Chinese new year. Welcome the year of the Dog.
  • Friday 16th to Tuesday 20th: Strutt your stuff at London fashion week. 
  • Saturday 17th: Be generous with your love on Random Acts of Kindness day.


Grab a little space in your home or garden and designate it as your “Families Little growing place” for 2018. Promise to feed it with love and smother it with fun. 

  • You can now start to sow early varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs inside a greenhouse or on a ledge in the house. 
    • We love to start growing sweetpea's from seed on a windowsills in little yoghurt pots. They will be ready for planting outside in spring and will bloom all summer long. 
    • Start to sow herb seeds indoors too. Basil is especially good at this time of year and a prolific grower! Great for making pesto from scratch in early spring (watch this space!). 
  • If the potatoes that you started to chit last month in egg boxes have shoots that are over 1 inch long then they can also be planted outside. Find out more from our friends at Growyourownpotatoes they have a fantastic resource of educational and fun material for all the family!

  • Get the little ones to paint a plant pot with love hearts and plant a rose inside. Maybe you could find a variety that shares the same name as your loved one. Too cute!


Lets get our kids amongst it.

Let them butter the bread, rip up the ham, grate the cheese, press the buttons on your food processor, pick herb leaves, crush garlic, peal veg, smell, touch, taste, whisk, sprinkle, kneed, shake, rattle and roll… and anything else that is safe! 

  • Pancakes Obvs! Just mix one cup of any milk with one cup of any flour then crack in an any egg. Whisk that bad-boy up (thanks Jamie) and Hey Presto! you've got the batter. Now fry with a little butter/oil then flip. Sugar and Lemon is our fav but why not get creative; How about ice cream sundae on top? Or a full English breakfast? 
  • I defy anyone not to love crispy duck pancakes. Its a crowd pleaser and great for little fingers too. We love Nigella's easy recipe but if its not your thing then lean on your local takeaway to help you out. Just promise to try one completely new dish. It's New Year after all!
  • Who'd have thought that making fortune cookies was relatively easy? Well thanks to this recipe from BBC Good Food we now know how. From wishes to jokes and silly little sayings, You will have great fun writing little notes to go inside. 
  • Giving fortune cookies, or anything else that you have made with love, is such a wonderful way to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness day so put on that apron! 


Kids should be kids and so should adults! Let's get our play-on!

  • Create your own Winter Olympics; Bobsleigh (carefully) down the stairs, Curling down the hall with a broom and a upside down frisbee or race around the garden laying down on a skateboard just like the Luge! 
  • Grab the dressing up box (or let the kiddies raid your wardrobe) and create your own London fashion show at home! Then if you are feeling brave? Let your kids dress you up in whatever they want and go out for milkshake in the local cafe. Go on. We dare you! 
  • Grab a throw, towel or blanket and get the little ones to make their own Chinese Dragon dance around the house.  Also make sure you are wearing something red as it brings good luck!
  • Its Carnival time! Decorate your own brightly coloured carnival masks with feathers, sparkles and jewels. Pair with a leotard, Superman outfit or a Tutu then turn the music up and dance the night away!  
  • Write love letters with the little ones and leave them all over the house then send your loved one on a treasure hunt to find them. Fun for all the family. XOXO
  • Encourage everyone in the family to perform one act of random kindness. Write a little thank you note to mummy, visit an elderly neighbour for a cup of tea, leave a pound coin in a vending machine for a stranger or just tell someone you love them.  It's worth it!
  • Lastly, when all this is said and done, its worth taking a moment to reflect. Teaching meditation to our little ones is such an amazing gift. It prepares them for the stress of school and exams. We love Sitting like a Frog by Eline Snel. Just relax...